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At Westchester Fight Club MMA Academy and Ultimate Fitness Center we have a competitive Muay Thai team, but you will never be under pressure to compete. The majority of our members take muay thai for the intense cardiovascular and total body workout it delivers along with the practical self defense the martial art offers.

Below are class descriptions of the classes on our schedule.

Muay Thai Essentials: In this class you will be going over offensive and defensive technique using thai pads and drilling with a partner. Our instructor will demonstrate and work with you as you learn to properly punch, kick, and throw knees. It’s a great cardio workout as you learn to hit and hold pads. Our instructor will take you through choreographed combinations where you will learn to not only throw punches, knees, and kicks, but also defend and counter back off your partner’s combinations. We’ll finish class with some light drilling to use what you’ve learned in live situation.

Muay Thai Workout: This class is an intense cardiovascular workout. Our instructor will take you through choreographed combinations where you’ll hit pads with a partner, or we’ll put up thai banana bags and turn the room into a bag rack. Everyone will have their own bag and we’ll mix in calisthenics between rounds of combinations.

Combat Athlete Muay Thai: This class is for our most dedicated students. We’ll go over advanced techniques and there is more contact in this class. A lot of Drilling and sparring along with very intense cardio push our combat athlete.



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